• 09Feb

    Are You Giving Up Inactivity For Lent?

    So last week, while working with a client they said to me

    “Oh, guess what I’m doing for Lent? I’m giving up drinking”

    “Oh!” I said,

    “Why didn’t you do that during January when the national campaign was happening?”

    “I wasn’t ready to” was the reply I got from the client. “I have had a glass or 2 of alcohol every day for as long as I can remember and now I just want to stop for a while”

    “You do realise that you will be giving up your favourite tipple for longer than you would have done if you did it in January?” I said.

    “Yes, another reason for doing it now” was the reply that came back.

    But it got me thinking

    What are YOU giving up for Lent?

    If it’s giving up chocolate, sweets, smoking then great but it’s too easy for some of you who have habitually done it.

    I think it’s time you think outside the box.

    For many of you reading this I set this challenge.

    Why don’t you give up being inactive?

    Now that could be a huge challenge during the month called National Heart Health Month.

    Buy a Fitbit device and monitor your daily/weekly step count – if you are taking less than 5,000 steps a day you are considered inactive, so aim to get to 10,000 steps per day. Every step you take will be logged by Fitbit UK and converted to £ which will be given to this year’s Sport Relief.

    Since the start of this month Fitbit are donating £50,000 per 1bn steps collated until they reach a target of £250,000

    Or how about taking regular Zumba or Yoga/Pilates class at your local hall or parish centre.

    Do a minimum of 30 mins activity a day. When walking aim for a pace that leaves you mildly out of breath (if with a partner/buddy you should just be able to talk a sentence).

    If you work in an office that have lifts or escalators don’t use them – take the stairs. It may be hard on day 1 but come day 40 it will be a breeze.

    Join a gym, speak to the personal trainers, ask their advice and if you find one who you think will help improve your quality of life buy a block of sessions or a training package from them.

    If you are ready to accept my challenge, then when you wake up in the morning weigh yourself (make sure you write it down and put it somewhere where it is easy for you to find – like a diary or My Fitness Pal).

    Take measurements of your biceps (both), chest, hips, waist, thighs (both), calves (both). You can weigh yourself daily or weekly and take measurements weekly.

    Let’s see how much of a change giving up inactivity for Lent can bring. But first enjoy your pancakes!

    If you would like a free eBook containing 6 pancake recipes text PANCAKE to +44(0)7903567718 (There is a vegan recipe in the book!)