• 28Jan

    Get Comfortable Being Uncomfortable

    “What you have sits in your comfort zone. What you need and want sits in the scary shit zone. Get comfortable being uncomfortable – Levy 2016”

    Whenever we start a new job or a new school things change. We may have to leave a little earlier, have to travel a different route, some of you may have to walk past the building you used to go in for years.

    Some of you may be lucky enough to live closer and therefore have a little more time to yourself..

    But one thing remains constant. You’re meeting new people, sitting in a different chair, don’t like the uniform, why are these creatures staring at me?????

    But after a while things change.

    You are no longer new, you have either changed or got a new chair, found a way to adapt the uniform to fit you, those creatures have names and they laugh and joke with you.

    When you decide that you need a change to improve your health, fitness and wellbeing you have to step out of your comfort zone. You have to make changes that some friends and family sitting with you in your comfort zone may not like.

    If you could achieve all that you want to achieve without moving from your comfort zone why haven’t you achieved it yet? Because it’s not that simple! Life gets in the way

    Comfort doesn’t want you to do it.

    And while you sit in the comfort zone over on the other side of barbed wire, electrified fencing with a big red sign saying Scary Shit Zone are a group of people working hard on changing or improving their lifestyle through exercise, sleep, and nutrition.

    Yes, they will look at you as you enter the zone on the first few occasions but they will not judge you (unless you really have had some bad beef with them), more than likely they will respect you.

    Trust me, I have found myself on many occasions back in the day where I walked in to a pub and no sooner had I walked in the music had stopped and so did the chatter only leaving the sound of the horse racing commentator on the tv.

    And on one occasion even the dog stopped feeding from a bowl and looked up – I just you not!

    It will not happen to you in a gym.

    They are different to what sits in your comfort zone. Instead of hearing “What you going down the gym for? It’s full of steroid abusers” or “Your muscles are going to get massive” you hear

    "How's training going?", "Well done!", "Keep going, you're doing so well".

    Some people enter the zone but their limiting beliefs prevent them from going any further and so they go back to their safe comfort zone.

    In the scary shit zone you will get encouragement to achieve your goals you may even get help from like-minded people who are all focused on their own goals.

    And when you have achieved you goals the scary shit zone has become 

    the new comfort zone

    But on the other side of your new comfort zone is …..