• 27Sep

    Have you started preparing for Christmas yet?

    The shops are ready; the TV and Radio adverts are prepared, and so are the restaurants, but are you?
    With less just 88 days to go until Christmas Day, and you letting your hair down and celebrate with family and friends or go on holiday.


    Your mind may be turning to how you might look and feel at that time. It may focus your mind on working harder in the gym or make better food choices.


    Science tells us that it takes the body 90 days to fully adapt to the changes that we have made due to a combination of exercise and nutrition. And whenever I have designed a training programme, the design is always for a minimum of 90 days.


    This weekend sees the start of the World Athletics Championships in Doha. Most of our athletes' plans were designed by their coaches backwards.


    And as they have got closer and closer to their most important race of the season, they spent less and less time in the gym. In the real world, I have noticed something a little similar.


    As we get closer to our goal, be it Christmas, holiday or wedding things associated with those goals get in the way of training.


    So how can you achieve your goal and still make room to do those final preparations for Christmas events?


    If you look at your 90-day training plan, the critical days are day 31 through to day 60. That is the period when you will train the hardest, where you do your cardio work a little longer or with more intensity.


    Lift heavier weights but with fewer repetitions, and where you shake your booty in class with a bit of more attitude!


    When it comes to nutrition, having smaller meals more regularly with macros (proportion of protein, carbs and fats) that work according to your body shape.


    During day 31 through to day 60, your body will demand a little more food due to the increase of your workout intensity. Try your best not to deny the body what it needs.


    By the time you get to that stage, your body should already be communicating better with your brain about the food choices that you should be making. Whether or not the mind will listen, well, that is another story!


    Day 61 through to day 90 your workouts, especially strength work, should be low weights with high repetitions. And you may not feel as hungry as you had been feeling during the previous 30 days.


    This type of training will help to trim the body and to show off more shape. It also means that you can attend those planned gatherings feeling good about yourself knowing that you have achieved what you set out to do.


    If you would like help in planning your training programmes to help you feel great, this Christmas then book a free 30-minute phone call today and let's start preparing for your Christmas.


    Good luck, to those athletes competing at the World Athletics Championships, especially those representing GB&NI including friends of Whole Body Approach, Eilish McColgan, Martyn Rooney and Jess Judd and coaches Lloyd Cowans, Liz McColgan-Nuttall, and Prince Duwai – good hunting!