• 18Mar


    WARNING This blog is long and you may need time to read it. If you would like to read it at your leisure then download the pdf here 
  • 04Mar

    Thyroidism - Exercise and Nutrition

    The primary role of the thyroid gland (located in the front of the neck) is to produce hormones that impact upon and regulate metabolism. In Hypothyroidism the thyroid fails to secrete sufficient hormone to facilitate proper metabolic control. 
  • 11Feb

    Back to The Future

    To celebrate 22 years of helping people achieve their goals (and my birthday!!!) Whole Body Approach is going back to the future!!! 

  • 10Feb

    Are You Struggling?

    So a month ago I talked about how to set achievable goals and hopefully you have used the information well. But tell me something. Are you still on track? Are you still working towards your goal without any problems? If you are then great, keep going. 

  • 13Jan

    Go Go Gadget Apps

    At this time of year with New Year's resolutions in full effect mode we see a plethora of new phone/tablet/phablet apps and gadgets to help in our quest to improve our health, fitness and wellbeing. Today I will focus on two of my favourite apps/gadgets. 

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