• 08Jan

    Why Don't You Do Taster Sessions?

    It's a question that has been asked of me by many people over the last few years. When I first came in to the industry (back in the day) I did do taster sessions but I found that there were a group of people who went from trainer to trainer getting as many free sessions as possible without purchasing a session. It still happens today but on a much grander scale thanks to the likes of groupon and other voucher companies. 

  • 06Jan

    Goal Setting

    So here we are 

  • 20Oct

    The 90 Day Guilt Free Christmas Programme

    Are you living in Chelmsford? Would you like to lose a dress size or a trouser size and still eat your cake over Christmas? 

  • 12Oct


    17th March, it was the opening day of the Formula 1 Grand Prix season. I looked at my bedside cabinet, saw a packet, opened it to see I had one cigarette left. I had promised myself that today, after 30+ years, would be my last day of smoking. But once I lit up that final fag I knew that I was not going to the shop to buy a pack of 20 and smoke it all in a day. It was the moment that I became a non smoker. 

  • 02Sep

    Back to School Back to Working Out

    This is the first of two blogs for those of you who have taken the summer off to look after the kids and are about to return to the gym and the fitness clubs with a vengeance. Today my good friend Susie Bishop is taking over my page. 

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