• 31Jul

    Tackling Diabetes Through Physical Activity

    Earlier this week one of the most powerful women in Britain, Theresa May confirmed that she has type I diabetes. The media was full of mischief suggesting that she may have to quit her role as Home Secretary but does she? This same media seem to forget that in his final year in the sport of rowing Sir Steve Redgrave was also diagnosed with diabetes and went on to win his FIFTH gold medal. Tottenham Hotspurs legend Gary Mabbut not only captained the team whilst taking daily injections, he played for England! So you don't have to stop all the things that you do!! 

  • 26Jul

    Safe Supplements!

    Last week it was with mixed emotions that I heard the news that 6 athletes and their "A samples" proved positive for drugs violations. Two of them are legends of speed and 5 of the six were from the same country. It appears that in all bar one of the cases nutritional supplements are the cause of positive tests. 

  • 09Jul

    Train Till You Drop

    Over the last few weeks I have been having conversations with a few personal trainers about working clients so hard that the client throws up. It amazes me that there are some trainers out there who actually have a virtual trophy cabinet of the clients they have made go to mushroom hill.  

  • 04Jul

    At Core of Whole Body Approach

    11 months ago we witnessed the greatest show on earth on our doorstep here in Essex. Over a hundred medals were won by Team GB and the feel good factor was everywhere. Many athletes found a reporter’s microphone pushed in front of them asking a mired of questions including this one. “Where do you think you can make improvements?” The answer that stuck out for me, the top of the improvement list was “I must improve my core”.  

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