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I was a former junior international athlete and member of London Athletics Club (the oldest independent athletics club in the world) who also played American Football for London Capitals in the inaugural Budweiser British American Football League. Having had help from some inspirational people throughout my sporting career I wanted to help inspire others to achieve their dreams, their goals.

However after 14 years of continuously waking up in the cold dark mornings and training before studies (and ultimately work), the constant injuries I fell out of love with training for a sport. But I continued to eat as if I was training and after a few short months I went from a bright and bubbly 13 stone sprinter to a 20 stone blob that was very depressed and unemployed.

I started going to the gym, reading many books to help. I found that through reading these “muscle” books that I was helping those around me and this was also noted by the gym manager who thought that I had a gift for teaching. I started volunteering in the gym and used my benefit allowance (we called them giro) to pay for my first course. On the first day of the course I opened the manual and on page 4, paragraph 1 a phrase appeared and has stayed with me ever since. Whole Body Approach was born.

From those early moments I challenged the convention of the health and fitness industry from the way trainers instructed to pushing for them to be insured. I also didn’t want to be like every other personal trainer, I considered myself to be a coach drawing in the skills that I picked up from my coaches in both athletics and American football, so I also focused on my client’s brain because without doing so they could not succeed in getting to their goals.

Some of Whole Body Approach’s past success has seen 3 clients achieve their aim of competing in the Commonwealth Games, a World Judo Masters bronze medallist, a novice climbing Kilimanjaro. Over the past 24 months Whole Body Approach’s training principles have helped 40 year olds (and over) improve their times in 5k, 10k and marathons. Have produced medallists at the Welsh & UK Masters Athletics Championships as well as helping a woman achieve her aim of playing for Great Britain Ladies Deaf Football team in the first European Deaf Ladies Football Championships and there are others who have been equally successful.

It is not just sports people who benefit from our training principles. As a GP Referral Specialist I am able to improve the quality of life for those who are diagnosed by a medical practitioner. I have also looked after those unfortunate to have had hip and knee replacements through detailed rehabilitation programmes.

Age is not a barrier to being helped by one of Whole Body Approach’s training principles; the oldest person on our books was 82!

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