• What is involved in the initial consultation?

    The initial consultation is a FREE informal chat that should take no longer than 60 minutes. During that time we will discuss your medical history, recent or past injuries, past and present exercise/physical activity habits, nutrition and goal setting
  • How often should I exercise or be physically active?

    Physical activity should occur no less than 20 minutes per day. If you are generally healthy then you should aim to exercise at least 3 times per week 45-60 minutes per session. It is also recommended that you should see a Personal Trainer at least for one of those sessions. If you have a medical diagnosis and want to exercise you should contact your GP/Physio first to discuss if it is possible to begin a period of physical activity or rehabilitation and then seek the advice or help of a GP Exercise Referral Specialist.
  • How long will it take to see the effects of training?

    This will vary from person to person, however you should feel the effects of any training session within a few hours, some of our clients have noticed the effects almost instantly. But to actually see the effects could take a minimum of 3 weeks. Lasting effects of training/physical activity really does depend on the length of time that you remain active; if you continued your activity for 6 months then it would take a further 6 months for you to return to where you first started (we hope that you wouldn’t stop your physical activity though!)
  • What equipment do I need?

    Most of the equipment that will be used in sessions will be provided.
  • What clothing will I need?

    You should wear suitable clothing that is loose fitting. You don’t want to wear tight clothing that restricts blood flow and/or breathing. Water bottle would also be handy. If you are asthmatic then you should bring your pump(s) as well.
  • How many sessions do I need each week?

    That really depends on your goal. You should see a Personal Trainer/GP Exercise Referral Specialist at least once a week, but 2 or more times a week is also not a problem. There are a variety of packages available to suit your needs and requirements which will be discussed during your consultation.
  • How can I book training sessions?

    You will be giving access to our online diary to book sessions. If you do not have access then a phone call or text to find an available time is an option. At the end of each training session we will also discuss the next appropriate time for a training session or fitness assessment.
  • How do I pay?

    We have a variety of ways that you can pay for your training packages. You can either pay for your sessions in advance or set up a standing order (through bank or paypal).
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