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    Whole Body Approach strives to help GP’s treat their patients (YOU) with physical activity programmes through 1:1 sessions or group sessions over a period of 12 weeks or longer. Whole Body Approach is a viable treatment option alongside medication.

    Did you know ...

    • 85% of the UK population have a health problem of some kind
    • Every 3 minutes someone in the UK is diagnosed with Diabetes (Type II)
    • Diabetes is 4x more prevalent than all cancers put together


    • Reduce BP & Cholesterol (lowers LDL & increases HDL)
    • Reduce Waist Circumference, Weight & Body Fat
    • Increases peak bone mass
    • Increase muscle tissue
    • Has an anti-inflammatory effect
    • Reduce the number of patient visits

    Chris Lowen

    Of course it's hard. It's supposed to be hard. If it were easy, everybody would do it. Hard is what makes it great.

    I wanted to get fit after being diagnosed with type 2 diabetes, it was a bitter blow and I knew I had to get some kind of structure and programme to keep me on track and that I would need help in doing this to maintain the discipline. In my younger days I’d played rugby in the Essex League and only stopped after a knee injury so being fit wasn’t new to me. That’s when I met Cedric Levy, there are times in your life when you meet people that change your life, Cedric is definitely one of those. Cedric tailored a personal fitness programme specific to my needs which has improved whole body fitness and stamina. This has not only helped with my medical condition but also helped me as a person, I feel better and stronger I don’t get tired so much, and seem to have more energy. Cedric is a personable chap who has a wealth of knowledge and many years experience in the fitness industry which becomes evident as soon as you start working together. Sure there’s a cost, but then what is the cost of not doing something! The benefits far exceed the costs, I thoroughly recommend Cedric as someone who will make a difference in your life and improve your overall level of fitness and stamina. I’m still on the programme and am improving all the time.

  • Sport Specific Training

    training designed to improve perfromance
    Whole Body Approach - Sport Specific


    Through detailed, periodised programmes, not only will we reduce the amount of injuries that you as a sports person may expect but we improve the quality of your game, your event and that’s not all. I aim to get the positive side of your brain to overcome the negative.

    Success Stories

    • 3 Athletes selected for Commonwealth Games
    • 1 Commonwealth Games Track finalist


    • Core
    • Balance
    • Flexibility
    • Aerobic (Cardio)
    • Strength Conditioning)
    • Speed, Agility and Quickness
    • Sports Nutrition

    Joe Stickings

    One of the greatest moments in life is realizing that two weeks ago your body couldn't do what it just did.

    I chose Cedric as a PT having seen his background training elite athletes and in particular his specific knowledge relating to American Football. I had broken my arm early last season and due to this had over 6 months with no weight training at all and very limited cardio. We had a short time period before my pre-season training was due to commence- my main concerns were to get my strength and fitness back to a similar level prior to my injury and to do so without attempting to do too much too soon.Cedric took it upon himself to add the goal of me reclaiming my starting position of Cornerback for the 1st game of the season (I had told him about the fact there was strong competition for my position including from international players), I thought this was possibly a bit too optimistic but I'm pleased to say that I have indeed reclaimed my starting position for the Colchester Gladiators AFC.Cedric devised a programme which I was very impressed with as it combined improving my cardiovascular fitness along with a weight training programme, which prevented me from attempting too much too soon (in respect of the heavyness of the weights) it was a tough programme but also enjoyable with quick results. He also identified the need to improve my core strentgh and balance to assist with my American Football and also devised specific excercises to help improve both.I would definately recommend Cedric especially if your goals are sports based, if you have clear goals and are serious about achieving them then Cedric's the man for you.

  • Corporate/Occupational Health

    Training sessions designed for all levels
    Whole Body Approach - Corporate / Occupational Health


    As part of a company’s Health & Wellbeing Policy Whole Body Approach can provide detailed programmes for both 1:1 and group sessions that can help reduce sickness absenteeism, improve performance, improves and increases presenteeism.

    Did you know

    • 4.4% - 33% of UK adult population suffer from low back pain
    • 49% of UK population report low back pain for at least 24 hours at some point in the course of the year
    • 85% of primary care consulters have non-specific back pain where the specific underlying disease or pathology remains unknown


    • Reduce pain
    • Increase movement
    • Increase functional capacity

    Mike Bull

    Football League Assistant Referee/Conference League Referee

    Cedric is a star. Got me fit and ready for my fitness test after major back surgery in a mere six weeks. I passed with flying colours thank to his specific programme.

  • Fitness Assessment

    Plot the best way to reach your goal
    Whole Body Approach - Fitness Assessment


    A series of assessments designed to evaluate your current fitness level. The results are used to help design your fitness/physical activity programmes.

    Did you know

    • Fitness Assessments improves goal setting
    • Fitness Assessments improves the quality of your training programme


    • Blood Pressure, Pulse
    • Height, Weight, Body Fat %
    • Lung and Aerobic Capacity
    • Anthropometric Measurements
    • Flexibility
    • Postural Analysis
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